Varda kotler L’Heure Romantique

l'ena hors les murs / Jan. – Feb. 2015 / No. 448

L'heure romantique
(Ref. FOR 16878 – Forlane 2014)

Israeli soprano Varda Kotler possesses a velvety timbre and an enchanting grace and agility. Her album, “L’heure romantique”, is a hymn to beauty. With a repertoire ranging from baroque, with Music for a while by Purcell (1659-1685) to 20th-century music, Varda Kotler manages to breathe joy and pain with a highly moving humanity, with touches of playfulness interspersed, as in “Tarentelle” by Georges Bizet (1838-1875). Her rendering of Vocalise-Étude by Ravel (1875-1937) emerges as equally sublime, its sweetness carrying us to the frontiers of timelessness. Another pearl among pearls, from the Song of Songs, set to music by Israeli composer Uriah Boskovich (1907-1964) and interpreted by Varda Kotler in her native language, touches us to the core of our being. Finally, the soaring melodic path of this masterpiece of purity unfolds to a somber piano accompaniment reminiscent of the ancient lyre. The opening words of this disk, sung as always by Varda Kotler, “Music for a while shall all your cares beguile”, turn into a continual reality. An absolute must!

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Varda Kotler