Varda Kotler - Concerts and Opera in the press:

Jerusalem Post:
A Traveling Soprano : "She has returned from a successful engagement with the New York Chamber Symphonic Orchestra. The concert received excellent reviews by the New york Times". (Pamela Kidron)

"A sensitive colorful voice with wide range of abilities"(Israel Daliot)

Ensemle Doron concert in Jerusalem :
" Enthusiastic and immidiate response of the public won the" folk-songs" of Luciano Berio, with Varda Kotler singing in different changing moods from roughness to refinement, The piece was performed with it's whole musical magic expression". (Israel Daliot),

Jerusalem Post:
"In recital when V. K. walks out on stage she finds nuance, style and spirit in her favorite Art – songs".(Sara hirshenson)

Giornale di Sicillia:
" Strong presence on stage: "di buona musicale e buona prezenza scenica" . (Laura Donato)

Jerusalem Post:
"warm, expressive with full meaning of the music". (Daniel Ziff)

"All Bach admirers assembled in Dormizion Church in Jerusalem to hear the Magnificat and Cantata 75. Varda Kotler and David Shapiro excited with beautiful singing in arias and recitatives".(Israel Daliot)

The New York Times:
A concert in Y hall : "Beautiful vocal lines sung handsomely here by Varda Kotler".(Bernard holland)

Yediot Aharonot:
"Flowers and Aplause for Israeli singer in Monte- Carlo Opera House: she has received flowers from Caroline- the princess of Monaco".

Neue Zeit.(wien):
"Wiener opern Theater presents a leading team- singers and fascinating theater. Varda Kotler and Maria s. The young lovers singing up to the end of loud aplouse". (Gerhard Rosenhaler)

. Jerusalem Post:
Women on Top :
"Soprano singer Varda Kotler and Alex Anskey gave equale weight to the poems that Inspired the songs of Mozart, Vivaldi, Schubert, Berlioz, Ben – Haim and others".

Jerusalem Post:
"She brings international recognition to the works of Israelie composer: Paul Ben Haim".(Viva Sarah press)

Yediot Aharonot:
Women Festival: " with Varda Kotler and Alex Anskey - such quality of singing And acting should not be missed ". (Hanoch Ron)

Gazette de Lausanne :
"A new conteporain production in Lausanne Opera surprised the public, a great Opera-evening with the singers :Roberto Alagna, Tiziana Fabbrizini and Varda Kotler".(P.h)

Marive :
"She sang in Zurich the "Secret Marriage" (by Chimarosa) and won great Critices also from Monte-Carlo Opera – one of the best in Europe" .

Festival Vill D'Avray:
21em Festival de la Musique Francaise :" A special concert :Hommage a Gounod: Varda Kotler and Veronique Baraud with unknown English- songs written in London by Ch. Gounod.: A celebration for Ch.Gounod admirers".

PHR-Israel :
Recital Melodies Francaises under the French Embassy patronage." The Recital with soprano V.K. and Rami Tal (flute) and the French pianist: Nicolas Dicloux  Was extremely successful" .

Wiener Zeitung:
"In Wiener Opern Theater-the best and right casting, among them :Robin Lee in the role of Venus ,and from young attractive lovers :V.K  ".(Edvin Baumgartner)

Yediot Aharonot:
"International reviewers praised her voice and her musical Interpretations, that makes her a good Israeli Ambassador”(Jacob Levitam)

High Voices in France: "The cd Paul Ben Haim Melodies won the prize:Victoire de la Musique Classique in France, and here she sings- in a festive concert with Michael Haran(Cello) Nitai Zuri(Violin) and pianist Israel Kastoriano".

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